Welcome to Ken Kaufman Music – Adsongs Jingles

Nothing pulls a promotional campaign together more effectively than a custom produced jingle. Jingles provide instant positive listener identification. Plus, they tend to propel product and service names and slogans into the public mind faster than any other means of promotion. The right jingle will strengthen all other aspects of a promo campaign. Adsongs is in the business of tailoring music to your marketing strategy.

The right music, the correct style, the needed production elements, the proper format, effective lyrics, and control of the recording process; these are the aspects of jingle production expertly handled by Adsongs. You can be closely involved in the entire creative process, from rough demo approval through the final recording session. This way you don’t just get a jingle, you get the jingle you need, quite different than trying to pick a jingle out of a group of prefabricated, readymade generic music tracks and hoping that one might fit your marketing needs.